Tuesday, December 3, 2013

10 Men’s Fashion-Fails According To Women

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After the boys have got an opportunity to criticize the women’s faux pas in the clothes, the girls decided to speak out in the other direction. If a woman speaks on the topic “What I do not like the style of N.” and cannot stop. Internet – dimensionless, but the brains of our readers – no. By doing a difficult job to weed out the backlog of 38 points, we present the result.
Guys, you should think about your relationship with fashion, if you wear:

10. T-shirt
Without exaggeration, innocent piece of white Cotton – Women hate # 1. It’s about a vest as an independent subject in the image, not insulate layer in the winter (on a beautiful body wear a nice shirt, whatever). Men leave, finally, all of these boxers, alcoholics, fishnet shirts, or, even worse, transparent for beer bellies, builders and fellows “from the district.”

9. Shorts extreme lengths
Style does not tolerate imperatives, but in such categories as shorts, best to stick to the golden mean. Too short or tight-fitting shorts can cause a bout of vomiting fine natures, too long threatened image looser and pink – do not want to even comment. The fact that you can see this on men, indicating that not all obvious – obviously.

8. Tracksuits outside the gym
As there is only place for fusible in the pool and the sea, and track suit to be used in the appropriate location. Given that sport centers have showers and changing rooms, none of the girls in the form of a guy walking in the pants with stripes down the street, did not come up with the idea, “ah, what a fine fellow, going to rock.” But the chances of a less flattering opinion about this character is very high.

7. Pants are not on the figure
Perhaps this is idealism, but if a guy chooses pants instead of jeans, they should look decent. Sitting on a figure, to have the correct length (no layers on shoes or “water in the basement”), not to the swift diffusion of the body, not to emphasize the solar plexus, and so on. There is a full import of blogs with photo stylish men who have mastered the art of wearing trousers – if necessary, you can learn from them.

6. Socks with sandals and Laufer
I think the only reason why men wear socks in the summer under slippers or sandals – it is laziness lead leg up. Guys, well, really? And is it so hard to remember that Laufer, senior insiders and the Slipper too worn on bare feet, skin to skin? Take this opportunity to convey greetings with white socks – they look good only in running shoes or if you are Elvis Presley.

5. Deep cleavage
Even if you have beautiful breasts with silky hair, it is better to show only the closest people. Buttons on shirts not just start at the neck and the sweater with a deep V-neckline means something else to wear. If we have not convinced you, remember the followers of style “male cleavage” – might change your mind.

4. Belts with large shiny buckles
Too much attention to the area below the navel, too superfluous to the public. What a huge piece of metal on the belt is unlikely to perform any practical function, not to mention the aesthetic. In short, boys, remove it immediately, annoying.

3. Bright prints
Guys, shirts with patterns in the colors eye-gouge relevant only in Hawaii, well, maybe even on the beaches of Odessa,  but not in the capital. Leave floral and abstract prints for girls – there must be something not unisex in fashion.

2. Raised collar shirts and polo
This theme has sucked all reputable men’s magazines, so we have nothing to add. Just accept the fact that the turned-up collar shirt – it is not comme il faut. That’s all.

1. Caps and purses
Except big shiny badges on belts, there are another two things which cause discouragement with the opposite sex: baseball caps and purses. The former should know their place, and it’s not in a crowded subway. The latter can be replaced by more decent options.


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