Sunday, November 17, 2013

Concept Lamp - The RIMA Lamp

It’s a desk lamp that combines smart design and state-of-the art technology, inspired by the idea of tangible interaction. This concept lamp provides the  individual and flexible lighting, there’s no need for conventional on-off switch. You can adjust the position and dimension of the illuminated areas by moving 4 rings stringed to the 90cm long fixtures in horizontal direction.

To turn the LEDs on or off, simply move the ring. This newly developed technology is based on LEDs connected in series which are controlled by a processor. There are optical sensors that detect the position of each ring, the smart processor will limit the power supply to the LEDs located between the 2 rings, in this way, only those LEDs are switched on.

Another cool functionality allows you to adjust the light color and intensity as well as direction by rotating the second ring which mounted to basic ring. Rima Lamp uses energy-saving LED technology, therefore, its energy consumption doesn’t exceed 10 watts even when all LEDs are on.
Designer Matthias Pinkert 

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Posted : November 2013

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