Friday, September 27, 2013

Which Used Cars Should You Avoid?

Used cars - they are cheap and easily available. We might have heard many buyers complaining after buying used cars; there's always something wrong with them. On the other hand, some lucky buyers might end up getting good bargain from the one that they bought. Here are some models that you might need to give second thoughts before buying used ones....

Chevrolet Aveo
Cars don't come much cheaper than the Chevrolet Aveo, but as the old mantra goes, "you get what you pay for." The whole car is made from cheap, leftover parts and materials. The 2004 model is most problematic, as it's prone to premature timing belt failures and engine damage. Stay away from this heap!

Dodge Ram 1500
Older models of the Dodge Ram 1500 are some of the most problematic vehicles on the market. Avoid Dodge Rams from 2001 through 2003 at all cost! These years feature extremely poorly made interior components along with severe engine and transmission problems. Other years are a little more reliable, but they still have a number of issues.

Honda Civic
This might surprise you, but the some models of the Honda Civic are extremely unreliable. Honda is usually known for its quality products, but the 2001-2002 Civic suffers from transmission failures, and the 2006-2008 model is likely to develop a cracked engine block! For all remaining years, the Civic is actually a good choice.

Chrysler Sebring
The Chrysler Sebring was well known as a lemon, but this car remained popular for many years. Every model since 2001 has been absolutely wrought with problems. The most common problem is a doozy -- the engine gets clogged up with sludge and dies! A new engine typically costs more than the car is worth!

Kia Sedona
The Kia Sedona isn't likely to completely fail, but it is a very unreliable vehicle. This van is cheaply made from low quality parts, so lots of little things will quickly start to break or make noises as its driven around. Even if you can get a Sedona for a cheap price, be aware that a lot of trips to the mechanic will likely be required.

Chevrolet Silverado
The Chevrolet Silverado is another truck that's full of problems waiting to happen. The interior accessories are poorly made, and there are any number of electrical and drivetrain issues. Get ready for lots of strange noises and annoyances if you get a Silverado.

Pontiac Grand Am
Pointiac was put out of business a few years back, but the Pontiac Grand Am lives on to torment used car buyers. The electrical systems tend to short out and cause serious problems, like the engine starter not working or the anti-theft system triggering randomly and locking down the car.

Oldsmobile Alero
Speaking of cars not starting, the Oldsmobile Alero suffers from this major problem more than anything else. This car model has serious electrical problems, especially with the starter, which makes it one to avoid unless you want to end up stranded somewhere.

Volkswagen Jetta
Volkswagen is typically a fairly reliable brand, but older models of the Jetta suffer from a fair number of complaints. The most serious of these problems is that the transmission could stop working prematurely, but old Jettas also tend to have issues with their electrical systems.

Mazda RX-8
The Mazda RX-8 is a perfectly fine car, but only if you know how to properly operate and maintain its rotary engine. It's very easy to cause a flooded engine, which is an expensive repair. You can also cause serious damage by not properly warming up the engine before driving.

Ford Explorer
The Ford Explorer is the last SUV that you should buy used, especially any model from 2002-2006. These SUVs suffer from dangerous transmission failure and gear slipping. It should be said that Ford Explorer models made since 2007 are actually very reliable cars.

Pontiac G6
As much as you might want to sing "Like a G6," buying a used Pontiac G6 is probably not a good idea. This car isn't the worst car on the market, but it has a few major issues. Easily the most common complaints are faulty power steering and loud noises coming from the steering column.

Dodge Intrepid
The Dodge Intrepid was almost exactly the same car as the Chrysler Sebring, and it has the exact same problem of engine failure thanks to sludge. The models from 1999-2002 are especially bad, so avoid those used cars if possible.

Chevrolet Malibu
The Chevrolet Malibu is another car from Chevy that just doesn't make the grade. Models made before 2007 are extremely susceptible to serious electrical problems and often leaks engine coolant. This budget-priced car just isn't worth the risk.

Nissan Titan
Nissan isn't exactly a company known for making trucks, and the Nissan Titan is a good example why that's the case. This car suffers from lots of little issues and one big one. The rear axle tends to completely fail in the 2004-2006 models at or before 50,000 miles.

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