Thursday, September 19, 2013

Skylift - A New System For Embarking On Airplanes

By Seven

There is a lot to be done concerning about ergonomics in airplane trips - even if it seems that it is not necessary yet. The passengers' arrival and departure continues to be a complicated and slow process, submitting the human beings to not so developed mechanical systems. Adults, children and people of reduced or none mobility who carries several baggages have to face with conveyor belts, stairs and rude automobiles of various sizes and shapes from place to place. Then, the designer Hannes Seeberg, because of this lack of uniformization and adjustments, conceived a multifunctional vehicle named Skylift.

This vehicle conception is simple: transporting people and baggages from the embark transit station to the airplane just once, putting aside the stairs, the cold wind or physical obstacles. Skylift has four telescopic cabins which goes up and down along of two axis -- although it looks like a common automobile. Then, the passengers and/or baggages can be put at any level of big or small airplane, a low-powered aircraft or a departure platform. 

Besides, this vehicle has a pleasant, ample and friendly design, and this contributes to its functionality -- contesting the traditional image of an airplane embark, made by strait and claustrophobic devices. A last detail: the skylift, conceived in 2005, is still on paper. When will this device be produced and used?


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