Sunday, April 14, 2013

4 Things Women Hate About Men

You, as a man, may either be extremely self confident and believe that your girlfriend is totally and unequivocally happy about you, or be realistic and realize that many things can be changed to meet your partner’s needs and requests. Whenever you ask a married or engaged woman what she would like to change about her husband/fiancée, the most common answer happens to be: “When we first met, he showed his interest in me, while today he seems to take me for granted”. Well, that is something you may change. After all, does it cost you so much to take your woman out to some restaurant and buy her a flower? I don’t think so! It may mean nothing to you, but it would mean the world to her.

In the second place, women don’t like men’s uncontrollable interest in other ladies when they are walking on the street holding hands. To make it clearer, women see everything, but opt for a diplomatic silence not to spoil the night. But men should never mistake such diplomacy for ignorance or, even worse, lack of observation, because women really notice every single move you make and decide whether it is good to speak or not. So, unless you are having a walk along the beach and you have your sunglasses on, try not to stare at other women, because that would make your partner upset.

In the third place, we have mummy’s boys. Believe me when I say that there is not one woman in this world who likes to see her man enslaved by his mother. Of course, we all know that men have a profound connection with their mothers, while women are particularly affectionate to their fathers, but that is no excuse for you to call your mum three times a day or even running to her as soon as she has the smallest problem she may solve herself. Your woman will not simply take that for weakness, but will also despise you, because of your childish behaviour.

The fourth thing women hate about men is when they forget important dates. Nobody here wants to defend women and their obsessions with dates, be it your first kiss, your first hug, your first dinner together, your first time at her parents’, but it is important that you do your best to minimize her complaints. So, you surely have a Smartphone or a mobile phone that feature a calendar option. Well, why not use it? Save all the dates that are important to her and text her on that particular day. Be sure she will feel important and lucky for you will be the most sensitive man she has ever met.

Of course, these tips won’t save you from those catastrophes sometimes happen, but they may certainly help you improve your relationship and understand that what sounds so ridiculous to you, may be of vital importance to a woman.

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