Monday, March 25, 2013

9 Most Disgusting Soda Flavors

Have you ever craved for an ice cream-flavored soda? Or perhaps a yogurt flavor? How about Eel-flavored, Garlic, Celery, or perhaps a soda with some tasty Marijuana flavor in it? Well, if you haven’t.. either way, they do exist! See for yourself the 9 Most Disgusting Soda Flavors you never even thought could exist!

Ice Cream
This soda is perfect for drinking it after you finished with your hamburger and french fries, here you have 2 in 1 - your drink, and your dessert as well! Basically, it is Pepsi with vanilla flavor that makes it into some sort of cream soda. This product actually helped to increase the sales of Pepsi products in Russia in 2005, and it also pushed up the volume of sales of Pepsi Products in Europe.

Eel Soda
Apparently, one of the best ways that Japanese found in order to combat the heat was this “unagi” drink. Well, “unagi” is the Japanese word for: Eel ! And yes, this is a carbonated beverage made with it! Oddly enough, people who’ve had it say it is tasty! Wanna try? The little japanese man stands for one of the cooks from the traditional eel barbecue restaurants that you’ll find in Japan.

Cappuccino Soda
A disgusting mix of Pepsi with some coffee flavor in it! For a while, this Pepsi product was mainly distributed in India, Romania and Russia. We are not sure if they keep distributing it in those countries.

Marijuana Soda
Canna Cola provides tasty THC infused carbonated beverages for Medical Marijuana Users. Its different flavors include Orange Kush, Sour Diesel, Grape Ape, Doc Weed and the Classic Canna Cola.

Celery Soda
People who’ve tried this, say that Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray soda is actually a very refreshing drink. Though… this looks more appropriate as a salad ingredient, don’t you agree?.

Yogurt Flavored Pepsi
Another Japanese clever -and in this case: Disgusting!- invention… Yogurt-flavored Pepsi! You try it, and then tell us how it went.

Beans Soda
This is another one of Pepsi’s seasonal and disgusting flavors: Azuki BEANS! Which basically tastes like… beans!.

Cinnamon Soda
This “Holiday Spice” Pepsi was a limited variety edition that was sold for 8 weeks in the US and Canada in 2004, and then again 2 years later during the Christmas season. It is basically Pepsi, with cinnamon flavor.

Cucumber Soda
If you don’t enjoy eating vegetables or salads, maybe you can try this cucumber soda! It’ll make you feel like you’re being healthy! (Or… it might also make you feel disgusted by its flavor!). This was sold as a limited edition too, during the summer of 2007 in Japan.


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