Saturday, March 2, 2013

1966 Batmobile Sold For $4.2 Million

Who doesn’t know Batman? The caped crusader of Gotham fighting crime with his own sense of justice has been around for a long time. My father knows of him, I do and I am pretty sure my children will as well. First created by Bob Kane, Batman’s TV series run from 1966-1968. The Batmobile used in these series was sold to Rick Champagne, a 56 year old citizen from Arizona for $4.2 million (2.6 million Euro) in a US auction.

The bat-mobile was based on a 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car. The idea, originally owned by Ford Motors in Italy, was bought for $1 in 1965 by George Barris who then customized the car into a crime fighting machine over a 15 day period. This bat-mobile had a V-8 engine, one of the first in car phones and deployable parachutes which helped Batman in turning sharp corners.

The developer of the car, Barris said, “The car had to be a star on its own. And it became one”, reports BBC. For the present owner of the car who was 10 at the time the show was aired, he is pretty excited. He said that it was “a dream come true”. It is every Batman fan’s dream to own gadgets used by him.

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