Thursday, February 7, 2013

7 Body Language Secrets That Attract Women

By Stephanie

Landing the girl of your dreams isn’t an easy feat. We know how much effort it takes to woo a lady and the sizeable charm you need to possess to be able to do so. Here are a few tips we came up with to help you get noticed.

1. Body Movements:
If you were to keenly observe the behaviour of other people, there are a lot of tells that will signal to you the kind of personality one has. Don’t rush your movements because you’re not in a hurry to impress the girl and maintain a confident posture – fidgeting around, anxiously looking around and standing with a hunchback are all signs of insecurity and women don’t find that attractive.

2. Dominate your space:
Woman like an alpha male, a man who assumes control will put a woman at ease in his presence. Control doesn’t imply being dominating but someone who seems to know what they’re made of and what they want. Stand tall in the space you occupy, don’t move around too much or go out of your way to make room for others, you need to appear sure of yourself.

3. Comfort Seat:
When you’re sitting down, don’t let your shoulders slump – seat yourself comfortably and lean back. Also, make sure to not cross your arms or your legs because it gives off a closed-off vibe.

4. Open Up:
Don’t close yourself off while speaking to a woman. Your arms should be by your side and your palms open. Relax your shoulders and don’t raise them up, it must seem as if you’ve just got a massage. Also, try to stretch your shoulders out and keep your chest and chin up. Keep your head held high or don’t look down like you have something to be ashamed of.

5. Watch Your Mouth:
The way you speak to a woman is also very important. Women are very perceptive, they pick up on the smallest things. Don’t hurry your sentences when you talk or speak loudly or in a strained voice. Speak in a soothing and calm tone, yet command her attention.

6. Put on a Good Face:
Always maintain eye contact. An honest man is one who can convey his sincerity through his eyes because that is where women look. Don’t let your eyes wander, a woman must know she has your full attention or she’ll lose interest or think you have. Doing this is a sure sign of invitation or interest. Smiling is a good way to create a sense of comfort. Also, make sure your jaw is relaxed and you’re not frowning.

7. Don’t Invade Her Personal Space:
Intimacy is good but if you’re causing a woman discomfort then she might run the othe direction. You can communicate with subtle hints like lightly touching her arm or briefly holding her hand. If she doesn’t mind these gestures then you can continue to hold her hand but don’t make any sudden movements or go too close because women are very particular about this.

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