Friday, October 26, 2012

5 Amazing Predictions That Came True

Tana Hoy - Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing
It is scary when you hear the spirits and it is scarier when you get to see the events come true!
This Oklahoma City building was blown away by terrorists just a few minutes after the prediction by Tana Hoy, a natural-born psychic. In 1995, Hoy was doing a live radio program in Fayetteville, NC when he predicted that a deadly terrorist attack will occur at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Just 90 minutes later, a tragedy struck the building in what is known to be the second worst terrorist attack (on US Soil) to 9-11.

Edgar Cayce - Death of John F Kennedy
Using meditation to tell the stories never told before!
Edgar Cayce, also referred to as “The Sleeping Prophet,” was able to predict the start and end of World War I and II and even the death of the beloved president, John F Kennedy on one of his meditations. Cayce had an unbelievable power to put himself in a meditative state, during which he could answer questions about time, space, reincarnation, spirituality, and current and future events – all with startling accuracy!
Just how scary is it to predict one’s own death correctly!

Mark Twain - Own death
Mark Twain was a renowned writer and author but he made a brave prediction that he is going to die when the Halley’s comet reappears. True enough, he died in the same year (in 1910) when the said comet was seen in the sky again.

Nostradamus - Dictatorial rule
Eerie predictions of dictatorial rule come through!
And of course, who would forget Nostradamus? He claimed to have seen not only Hitler, but also Napoleon Bonaparte. And though he never really named Adolf Hitler directly, he was credited for giving the background of Hitler as well as the public speaking skills of the Fuhrer.

Jeffrey Palmer - 2004 tsunami
And if Natural Disasters can be predicted, so can the “End of The World” (2012, anyone??)
Jeffrey Palmer is among the most noted psychics from Australia. He was made famous for predicting not only Hurricane Katrina in 2005, he even predicted that there would be a Tsunami in 2004 which claimed thousands of lives in different countries. He is now known for also predicting Korea’s nuclear weapon testing!

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