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Top 10 Worst Cars

# 10 Chrysler TC 1989 ($33,000)
The Chrysler TC vehicle was a collaboration of Chrysler and Maserati. The owner of the companies was both friends and in order to uplift the low volume image of Maserati they did that and organized this collaboration and produced the vehicle named Chrysler TC. In doing so they asked somewhat more against the expectations of buyers. Hence the Chrysler TC stands at number 10 in our top ten worst value cars.

# 9 Maserati Biturbo 1987 ($26,874)
Maserati Biturbo one of the most expensive cars without provision of necessary requirements of such expense, “The Times Specials” has declared this car as “Italian expensive junk”. It has bitterly failed to impress the buyers on the perspective of cost.

#8 Chevrolet SSR 2004 ($42,000)
The SSR was referred as the first generation Beetle automobile by the reviewers and flat bed. The car resembled truck due to its shape, design and convertible properties. The car was rear wheel drive power train of a sports car, based GM midsize SUV platform. Due to its uneasy and high seating position like a truck the car was completely a junk at such a high price.

#7 Bricklin SV-I 1974 ($7,900)
The Bricklin was named a SV abbreviated as Safety Vehicle but ironically the car was not perfect with its name given by the owner of the company Malcolm Bricklin. The manufacturers were unable to provide the car with remarkable safety features which it claims through its name, they were mere side effects. The car had a lot of exotic parts for example the seats were sourced from an RV manufacturer. The car was equipped with different parts from various exotic automobile companies which was the sole purpose behind the unpopularity and high price. The accounts say that Bricklin SV-I was responsible for bringing the Subaru to the US which is the only credit left behind for this expensive car.

#6 Ford Excursion 2000 ($33,655)
The Ford has always provided her buyers with a king sized heavy duty cars, going back to seventies a yacht like boulevard cruisers to its recent Super duty pickups, Ford has been one of the excellent dealers in the market providing full range of SUVs and heavy duty cars. The Ford Excursion was created in between 2000-2005 with a provision of seating space up to nine passengers and a towing capability of 11,000 pounds. There was no problem with the car, it eventually fell prey to the high rise prices of fuel. Declining sales of the Ford Excursion caused Ford to retire the mega size SUV after the 2005 model year.

#5 Ferrari Mondial-8 1982 ($63,939)
Ferrari Mondial 8, a junk piece of legendary Italian sports car company was a big economic disaster for the company. The company tried to provide a cheap Ferrari which was supposed to be within the range of a common person yet was one of the worst ideas made to suffer a huge loss to the company. The automobile was based on the 308 chassis; this large and relatively heavy 2+2 coupe had a mere 214 hp on tap from its transversely mounted V8 mid engine. The electronics had problems more than a Barstow motel rollaway as compared by the “Times Special Magazine”. The system was not viable and promising that’s why the cost of maintenance was too much. Thus the Legendary Italian Red Company’s Mondial 8, holds the rank of 5th worst car of all time.

#4 Volkswagen Phaeton 2006 ($101,300)
The Volkswagen Phaeton is an uber saloon that has the ability to impress its buyers through its looks and bulky metallic body, the car gave fine looks regarding the status and personality ironically because on the other hand it gives the impression that one does have the money but not a brain where to use it. The experts say that it is the most expensive car in the world to run because of its fuel consumption, servicing and the company car tax brackets are the highest. The company lost huge amounts in their first year of this automobiles launch.

#3 Lincoln Blackwood 2002($51,785)
Lincoln Blackwood was especially design to combine handling and quiet ride on any type of driving surface. The problem was that the car was not a four wheel drive as expected from such heavy duty cars. The following car failed to impress the buyers and lies on number 3 in our ranking.

#2 Edsel 1958 ($3,801)
Edsel was considered to be a victim of bad launch timing because it wasn’t the right time to marketize a car with such a new design for the conservative sort of people of 1959. The jealousy media played an important role in letting down the market of Edsels and putting the hard work of its company workers to trash. It has been stated that many of these cars were shipped with uninstalled parts stashed in their trucks. It was on the Ford Company President’s request the Edsel project was bailed out. Such a loss brings the Edsel to 2nd position in our ranking for the worst cars of all time.

#1 Yugo GV 1986 ($3,990)
Our top ten number one, worst cars of all time from the Malcolm Bricklin the “Great Value” Yugo GV. What a complete trash good for nothing even the manual of the car with standard features listed was out of order or was the car out of order actually? Didn’t find out the answer which was the correct answer to the question. It was imported in the year 1985, The Times Special has written in a very piquant manner about the Yugo GV. It had given it the name “Mona Lisa of the bad cars” which was surely to be built on the gun point. Things whether electronic or mechanical were not stable and fall off, seats were not comfortable at all and it didn’t provide the isolation from noise at high speed.

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