Sunday, September 23, 2012

12 Hilarious Examples Of School Name Fail

Massacre Pre-School
“Our Curriculum will BLOW you away”. No, seriously, its on a small island called Dominica in the Caribbean (Not to be confused with Dominican Republic) and the area is called Massacre but pronounced the french way.

Incest High School
Assistant Principal Herb Hanson said that someone broke and removed the “P,” “E” and “R” signs that spell out the school’s name on the front wall. The remaining large, green letters spell out “Incest High School.”

Cocker Mouth School

Anus English Academy

The Porny School.

Weed High School, California

Tiny Tits School

Worthington Hooker School

Inuman Elem School

Universidad de Moron at Buenos Aires province, Argentina

Krap District School

Pansy Kidd Middle School

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