Friday, August 17, 2012

Three Good Ideas What To Do With Your Old Car

If you want to buy a new car you are probably wondering what to do with your old clunker? Often times, if your car is fairly old or needs repairs that cost more than the value of your car, the hassle and money loss by using classifieds or trading in your car may not be worth your time or money. But, before you give up, you should know that you have a few options to get rid of that clunker, some of which are actually for a good cause.
Here are three ways to get rid of your clunker, beyond reselling your car:

1. Recycle old cars.

Cars that are not in driving condition are often put in landfills which can be damaging to the environment. In fact, according to 408,000 tons of car materials fill landfills ever year. When you recycle your car with environmentally friendly organizations such as Green Vehicle Disposal, a “green” recycling method is used to reduce the amount of car parts put into a landfill.

2. Donate old cars.

There are many organizations, such as Free Charity Cars, Cars 4 Causes and the Salvation Army, that will pick up your car and use it for causes such as sustainable farming and eliminating homelessness.

3. Sell the Parts.

If your car is no longer in driving condition, consider taking it to a local junk yard or scrap metal yard. Junk yards specialize in car replacement parts, so you may be able to make a profit off the parts that are still useable and in good condition. Scrap metal yards will purchase scrap metal by the pound, so if you have a big car, you may be able to make a significant amount of money. Always remember to shop around for the best offer and negotiate for the best deal.

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