Wednesday, June 20, 2012

5 Reasons You Are NEVER Alone

Every one of us, no matter how keen we are on cleanliness, is home to millions of guest inhabitants, some of which are truly welcome visitors, while others are really hateful, and not things we want to be playing host to. Bugs live on our bodies, and some feed upon our blood, humans being a the most suitable habitat, walking ecosystems, if you will, for these creatures. There are some you really do want to avoid.

1. Beastly Bedbugs
The creature that should never be ignored is the bedbug, for which nasty little horror we humans provide midnight takeaway meals, all over the world. These tiny parasites capable of hiding in any furniture cracks or seams, are also able to hide away in luggage and purses, and if in your bed pierce your skin with hollow, tube-shaped tongues, drinking blood, but at the same time possibly making you sick, because they do spread disease.
Scientists know, it is true to say, of millions of such bugs, but new species are being discovered each year, and they outnumber us humans by millions to one. The bedbugs tend to be most active during the nighttime hours, so be sure to change the bedding regularly, and turn the mattress, from time to time.

2. The Horrific Head Lice
Laying eggs in human hair, on which they quite happily live, these horrid little insects are always nasty surprise, when it turns out you are infested with them; but head lice infestation is widespread, generally moving quickly, through head-to-head contact with infested people. Several times daily, head lice suck the blood, through a stylet, a long straw-like tube. Living close to the scalp, as they cannot survive more than 24 hours away from their hosts, they mainly affect children from 3 and 11 years of age, and have been found on hair 10,000 years old, so there are nothing new.

3. Horrid House Dust Mites
We know about, but naturally never get to see, the guests every human habitation has regularly, house dust mites being present in just about every home on earth. These creamy-blue, eight-legged-creatures can be discovered in bedding and pillows, on couches and carpets, and are too small to be anything but invisible to the naked eye, only visible through a microscope lens. They feed on organic waste, for example dead skin cells, which we shed continually, and are a common cause, of both asthma and allergic sneezes, causing health problems for some.

4. The maddening Mosquito
Millions of people annually are infected, through mosquito bites, with various diseases; the nasty little, vampire creatures biting humans as well as many animal species. Serving as vector agents in that they carry dangerous viruses and parasites from one person to another, never succumbing themselves to these diseases. Research has shown that mosquitoes have fed on human blood for at least thirty million years, but only the females suck blood, to aid egg production, while males feed only on plant material.

5. Horrifying Human Fleas and Ticks

Most popular pets in the world such as cats and dogs are often hosts for fleas and ticks, sometimes quite badly affected. Worse still, these blood-sucking little nuisances can also move from your pet to you without too much trouble on their part. Horrid fleas burrow into their host, through the skin, before starting to suck their blood, also feeding on faeces from others of their kind. In a different approach strategy, ticks, also blood-feeding parasites, perch on plants, waiting for a host to brush past, attaching themselves with the help of their mouth parts. Worst yet, both fleas and ticks can be carrying diseases, ranging from the bubonic plague to lime disease and hence considered dangerous.

You really want, where possible, not to be affected at all by any of these horrid little beasts, but nature rarely works the way we would like, so all you can do is be as careful as possible in your everyday life, dealing with suspected problems the moment they arise. Nasty little, noxious bugs need not ruin your life, if you take care to watch out for their presence. Just remember that, however solitary you may be, you are never truly alone.

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