Thursday, May 24, 2012

An Eye Up From Sky

The military and agencies have been using flying drones to capture the images or catch up the video of what is going on at different places. The technology takes a step ahead of producing some far beyond thing which one can imagine.
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There is a hovering eye which takes look at all over the city. Its the future where the HoverMast is made by a company named Sky Sapience which will help to aid rapid share of information and catching eye at any point where one wants. This type of technology will be helpful to military as well as crime patrolling departments. The one massive wire coming from its bottom and touching to the ground will be the source of its power and data transferring. The eye ball of HoverMast can be moved any where and it can zoom to a great extent to diagnose any situation upto certain miles. The rotating fans keep it up to certain height. This is the future of surveillance in which mankind beholds.


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