Sunday, March 4, 2012

Things You Need To Know About Durian Fruit

Durian is basically a large Malaysian spiked fruit that has gained a lot of negativity especially from the foreigners who say that the smell of this fruit is disgusting and its taste is even worse. This is the reason why public transport systems and hotels throughout the Southeast Asia have put a ban on this fruit fearing that it might tick off the tourists badly. So is this decision fear enough of banning a fruit just because people hate its smell and taste or should we be delighted that another fruit far from the east called durian exists and avail it?

All throughout the Southeast Asia, durian is known to be the King of Fruits; why? Well, it is not really easy to get passed by its hard spiked shell skin. Now with this being said, the fruit is making sure that nothing gets inside it; there must be something worth tasting in it to why it has such a hard shell. When we talk about reality; durians do taste great and smell good as well. When you manage to open this fruit, inside there is another soft fleshy fruit found in a sort of case waiting for you to enjoy it. Durian has a creamy taste and is extremely tasty; the taste of durian is simply unique among all the other fruits.

Durian is very popular in the Southeast Asia. You can have an idea by the fact that there are durian events organized where you can go inside and have taste and smell of different types of durians; this large exotic fruit is not that bad at all. If any time you get to visit any place in the Far East; make sure you taste durian once. Another reason to do so is the high cost of this fruit in other countries like UK for instance; around £30 it will cost you. Plus, it might turn out to be harder to digest as well unlike if you get it freshly cut. If you are in Malaysia, durian will hardly cost you £1; you see the difference? Foreigners hate this fruit and at the same time it is so expensive in their nations.

Durian is nothing less than a tropical delight that can used to flavor desserts and other dishes. Durian itself is an experience worth enjoying when you are in the Far East.

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