Sunday, December 25, 2011

Woman Fakes Own Kidnapping

A few months back a study on a dating website revealed Spanish women to be the best at the art of flirting while American women ranked second to last. Well, Spanish women are back in the news once again and this time they get the distinct honor of being the craziest kind of spouse you could hope for.
(Yes, I am basing this sweeping generalization on one solitary woman in Spain.)

A woman in Madrid faked her own kidnapping and demanded ransom to test her husband's love. She went so far as to take photos of her hands and feet bound and then sent them to her spouse while posing as the kidnapper. She demanded $26,000 for her release and begged him not to involve the police. Of course any person in their right mind who loves someone will probably get the police involved which is exactly what her husband did. Investigators soon found her in perfect health traveling alone along the Mediterranean coast. The woman claimed to have just been let go but later crumbled and confessed that she was nuttier than a fruitcake and faked the whole ordeal so she could truly know how important she was to her hubby.

Whoa. Now that is a newsworthy test of your spouse. Spain, you win again.

But be certain that American women certainly hold their own, well, hold their own husbands up when they too are looking to make crazy-spouse headlines.

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