Sunday, December 18, 2011

The 122 Super Yacht

Today, yachts are expression of power and richness. Not everyone can have a yacht especially luxury as this one is. This super luxury yacht is called 122 Super Yacht and is latest work of Strand Craft. It is special because it is designed to carry your car inside it so once you have docked your yacht you can easily use your car for traveling on the land.

Actually, if you buy a yacht you will get a supercar which has same color as yacht with it. However, it is still not clear what features this car will have but its exterior design tells us that it will be as good as the yacht.

When you enter inside the yacht, you will feel like that you are inside some spaceship from sci-fi movies. For example, its interior is equipped with 52" LED TV's and other luxury furniture. The main problem is the price which is still unknown but I am pretty sure that this was not made for me :)

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